At Delaware Home Pros, when we fix something, it gets done right.  However, the simple truth of many repairs is that it just makes more sense to replace it instead or repair it.  For a brief list of repairs, here is what we commonly do:

  • Roofing Repairs – Shingle Replacements, Fixed Leaks, Re-flashing, Caulking and More.
  • Window Repairs – Sash Replacement, Screen Repair, Glass Replacement, Caulking, New Trim and More.
  • Siding Repairs – Fixed Leaks, Flashing, Rotted Wood and Siding Section Replacements and More.
  • Door Repairs – Interior Doors, Weather Stripping, Re-Hanging and More.
  • Drywall Repairs – Fixing Holes, Sanding and More
  • Tile Repair – Cracked Tile Replacement, Re-Grouting Small Sections, Back Splash Repair and More.
  • Cabinet Repair – Re-Align Doors and Drawers and More.
  • Carpet Repair – Re-Stretch Carpet, Fixing Bad Seams, Padding Replacements and More.
  • Hardwood Repair – Board Replacements, Transition Replacements and More.
  • Custom Repairs – Even if it’s not listed, feel free to call us about your repair.